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Ikea Phone interview questions:
- Tell me about your work experience? How has it prepared you for a career at Ikea?
- What's the most important thing you learned in school?
- How would you define success for someone in your chosen career?
- Time when you have encountered conflict in the workplace.
- What have you done to contribute toward a teamwork environment?
- Describe a situation when you had to convince others.
- What salary are you seeking at Ikea?
- Tell about a training program that you have developed.
- What five words would be describe you?
- What have you done to support diversity in your unit?
- Give examples of ideas you've had or implemented.
- Have you ever had difficulty working with a manager?
- Tell me about a time where you had to deal with conflict on the job.
- What do you believe are your key strengths?
- How do you see your career at Ikea?
- Tell me about the most effective presentation you have made.
- What is the most difficult thing about working with you?
- Do you ever take work home with you?

Answer Ikea interview questions as confidently and honestly as possible. Keep your application form and recruitment announcement nearby so you may use it at any time. A wide variety of activities can be mentioned as positive self-improvement.

Tricky Ikea Phone interview questions:
- How have you coordinated the work of your team to achieve target goals?
- What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?
- How do you handle stress and pressure?
- What kinds of decisions are most difficult for you at Ikea?
- What's the most important thing you learned in school?
- How do you establish good communication and information flow with others?

Ikea interview questions for Group job interview:
- What was the most stressful situation you have facedas?
- What will you do if you don't get this job?
- How long would you stay with Ikea?
- Tell me about your proudest achievement.
- What are your salary increases?
- Give me an example when you felt you were able to motivate a group.

Ikea interview questions for Situational interview:
- How do you decide what gets top priority when scheduling your time?
- Would you rather write a report or give it verbally?
- How do you think you can make a contribution to Ikea?
- What did you do to prepare for this job interview?
- How do you go about setting goals with subordinates?
- Have you ever acted as a mentor to a co-worker?

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