Interview Questions ยป Ikea Phone interview questions

Ikea Phone interview questions

Be positive about the experience and accept personal responsibility where applicable.
Know the qualifications and requirements of the job and be prepared to show why you are the best match for the position. Keep the focus on this job and what you can do for Ikea.


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Ikea Phone interview questions:
- Give an example of how you worked on team.
- What's your salary history?
- Tell me about the most effective presentation you have made.
- Explain how you would be an asset to Ikea?
- Why did you apply for this position?
- Have you found any ways to make job easier?
- How do you decide what gets top priority when scheduling your time?
- What steps do you follow to study a problem before making a decision?
- What salary are you seeking at Ikea?
- What did you do to prepare for this job interview?
- What is your expected salary?
- Does your work relate to any experiences or studies you had in college?
- Explain how you would be an asset to Ikea?
- Why do you want this job?
- What would you say are your strong points?
- What is the most difficult situation you have faced?
- How did you react when faced with constant time pressure?
- Have you ever had to deal with conflicting deadlines?

Applicants should wait for an explanation of the entire question, then answer as fully as possible.
Talk about past jobs as well as work experience that is related to the position you're interviewing for. Be ready to provide specific example.

Tricky Ikea Phone interview questions:
- Why are you leaving your present job?
- What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses?
- What is good customer service?
- What motivates you to work at Ikea?
- Do you think you are overqualified for this position?
- What are you looking for in terms of career development?

Nevertheless, knowing to listen is important, too. You must know when to be a talker and when to be a listener.
You always want to make sure that you're pretty familiar with the Ikea that you're interviewing with.
The Ikea interviewer will be able to sense very quickly if you're be disingenuous.

Ikea interview questions for Group job interview:
- How do you make your decisions in general?
- Has anything ever irritated you about people you've worked with?
- Does a leader need power or authority? How do you influence people?
- What are your salary requirements at Ikea?
- Describe a time you were faced with stresses which tested your coping skills.
- Have you handled a difficult situation with another department?

Ikea interview questions for Situational interview:
- What will be your key target in this job if we appoint you?
- What is the difference between a good position and an excellent one?
- Are you willing to work overtime at Ikea?
- How did you assign priorities to jobs?
- What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?
- When were you most satisfied in your job?

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