Interview Questions ยป GlaxoSmithKline Phone interview questions

GlaxoSmithKline Phone interview questions

GlaxoSmithKline Phone interview questions:
- What are three positive character traits you don't have?
- Give an example of how you set goals and achieve them.
- How did you assign priorities to jobs?
- Do you have any questions for GlaxoSmithKline management?
- Why do you believe you are qualified for this job?
- Who else have you applied to/got interviews with?
- How do you keep track of things you need to do?
- Why do you believe you are qualified for this job?
- What attracted you to GlaxoSmithKline?
- Give me an example that best describes your organizational skills.
- How do you see your job relating to the overall goals?
- List five words that describe your character.
- What is your personal mission statement?
- How will your greatest strength help you perform?
- How important is it for you to have a career at GlaxoSmithKline?
- Example when you went above and beyond the call of duty.
- What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses?
- How do you make your decisions in general?

Applicants should communicate answers clearly and maintain good eye contact with the GlaxoSmithKline interviewer. Demonstrate how you can contribute to the GlaxoSmithKline's goals . A good explanation is that you have set professional goals in GlaxoSmithKline.

Tricky GlaxoSmithKline Phone interview questions:
- What can you contribute to GlaxoSmithKline?
- Example when you were able to successfully communicate with another person.
- How did you go about making assignments?
- What do you like and dislike about job we are discussing?
- Do you ever take work home with you?
- What are your strengths?

Remember, every GlaxoSmithKline interview question you are asked is an opportunity for you to communicate something positive about you.
Be particularly clear on what you know and what you want to achieve. Just make sure to make your response positive and true.

GlaxoSmithKline interview questions for Group job interview:
- What was your most difficult decision?
- How did you prepare for this work?
- Why did you decide to pursue your career at GlaxoSmithKline?
- How long will it take for you to make a significant contribution?
- What personal weakness has caused you the greatest difficulty in school or at work?
- What questions do you have for me?

GlaxoSmithKline interview questions for Situational interview:
- What would be your ideal working environment?
- What's the most important thing you learned in school?
- What are your salary requirements at GlaxoSmithKline?
- How much preparation on files for trial do you do?
- How did you handle meeting a tight deadline?
- Have you ever acted as a mentor to a co-worker?

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